LOGO!MAT Mobile is a free, innovative, and streamlined method for quickly finding technical information and maintenance procedures for all of your LOGO!MAT conveyor's components. With LOGO!MAT Mobile, your maintenance technicians will be able to access technical information, maintenance instructions, and install guides for your conveyor's specific components quickly. LOGO!MAT Mobile is compatible with any smart phone or tablet and is an extension of our standard technical documentation. Some major advantages are:

  • Direct access
  • Quick and convenient mobile interface
  • Up to date and streamlined component information
  • 100% online for easy access
  • No hassle to find information

LOGO!MAT Mobile enables your maintenance technicians to pursue multiple troubleshooting avenues as well as view multiple maintenance guides from the palm of their hands. This tool will help you reduce downtime and ensure system issues are solved quickly and efficiently. The direct contact feature offers a convenient way to reach our highly trained customer support team, enabling you to get first-hand information with no hassle.

Our conveyor components include a bright, easily accessible, oil resistant label containing the component name and its unique QR code. Use the rear facing camera on a smart phone or tablet to scan the QR code. This will give you access to technical information as well as maintenance instructions for each component. No specific app, software, firmware, or licensing is needed to view any component's documentation via the QR code. LOGO!MAT Mobile is the fastest route for finding information about your LOGO!MAT Conveyor System.

Your LOGO!MAT Conveyor System will still come with our standard documentation package that includes all project specific information, including spare parts lists and drawings. You no longer have to spend time searching through the printed or electronic copy of your documentation to find the information you need about your conveyor system or its components.

The answers to a wide range of questions your maintenance technicians may have can be found through LOGO!MAT Mobile. If you cannot find the information you need, or if you require direct support, just tap on the contact icon to either call or email us directly. Our talented and highly trained customer support team is more than happy to assist you in any way they can.

Using LOGO!MAT Mobile will help to ensure that you have access to the most up to date information available.

Scan the QR code above for a preview of LOGO!MAT Mobile's quick response time and just how easy LOGO!MAT Mobile will be for your maintenance technicians. You will notice the benefits of LOGO!MAT Mobile with your next LOGO!MAT Conveyor System. We look forward to your future business.