Final assembly

Highly Efficient component assembly on-site

The extensive amount of pre-assembly allows LOGOMAT's conveyor systems and components to delivered quickly to the customer. Since the assembly teams on site receive the components on time and in the correct sequence, installation at the customer's site can be carried out very efficiently. LOGOMAT's storage capacities are designed for this process, allowing available production space to be used for assembly and commissioning.

Track sections are assembled, configured, wired, tested, and inspected at one of multiple workstations, prior to being shipped. The LOGOMAT team generally works in parallel on different projects, avoiding interruptions in the assembly process. This process is effective and aids in avoiding errors. Our skilled workers are highly trained and qualified, which is one reason why "Made by LOGOMAT" stands for the highest quality standards everywhere.

The consistency of processes between our worldwide production sites also ensures that LOGOMAT's conveyor systems are built with this high standard. Thus, customer projects can be planned internationally, across countries, and put into production with LOGOMAT products, before finally being assembled into a complete system at the end user's site.