The intelligent conveyor system for
assembly and test automation

For future-oriented assembly logistics

The LOGO!MAT eCart-System is a state of the art conveyor system with self-driven, smart carts that are guided on a passive track. It is specifically developed to be highly flexible for use in automated assembly and test environments, such as component assembly in e-mobility. Thanks to the modular rail structure, future expansions and reworks can be easily implemented. The LOGO!MAT eCart is Industry 4.0 ready and is characterized by minimal maintenance requirements, high availability, and great reliability.

Production lines with maximum flexibility

The conveyor consists of maintenance-free, fully accessible conveyor tracks with an integrated power rail with 48V DC drive power, which supplies the power to drive the eCarts. This power can also be utilized to power tooling on the eCart, e.g., electrically driven lifts, rotation units, clamps or other equipment. This standard feature offers maximum flexibility for a wide variety of tooling. Auxiliary power is available at all times, regardless of whether the eCart is at a station or driving.

Comprehensive control throughout assembly PROCESSES

Stop Units bring the eCarts to a controlled, precise stop and enable communication between the main PLC, the cart, and the customer provided smart tooling. The Stop Units can be easily moved and added along the line giving users maximum control over production. Tooling can be adapted to the requirements of the station; the eCart's parameters, such as speed or direction of travel, can be changed at any time, as well as obtaining the status of the conveyor system. The non-contact electrical interface of the Stop Units contains no moving parts, completely eliminating any mechanical wear.

Performance Level D ensures safety

The TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) classification performance level d (PL-d) rating of the eCart System ensures operator safety, even when working with heavy payloads (up to 3,000 lbs.) moving at high speeds. Each eCart is equipped with a safety rated, two-channel braking system for obstacle detection. This integrated system stops the carts automatically upon contact with an obstacle or power loss. When moving heavy parts at high speeds, this feature is especially important to ensure the safety of operators working along the production line.

In addition, eCarts have an integrated self-diagnostic system which proactively detects and communicates warnings and faults. Early detection makes it possible to move the affected cart to a maintenance station without impacting the overall production of the line.