Maintenance Support

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"The operation of any product is much more efficient when maintained correctly from the beginning on."

Maintenance bad
Maintenance good

LOGOMAT doesn’t just offer conveyor components; we offer a full conveyor system solution from planning and installation through to maintenance and customer support.

LOGOMAT products are designed with simplicity and ease of maintenance and use in mind, allowing most of the preventive and general maintenance tasks to easily be completed by our customer’s maintenance personnel. However, the local service personnel should be able to focus on the overall performance of the plant. They also have a lot of machinery they have to be trained to maintain.

Utilizing LOGOMATs maintenance support service can reduce the time your personnel spends on the conveyor system tremendously, and will increase the performance and availability of the entire assembly line.

To help avert this potential setback, we offer three (3) maintenance support options that can streamline your conveyor maintenance. Increasing the availability, reducing the downtime and optimizing the capacity of your service personnel are just a few of the key advantages of utilizing these maintenance support services directly from the manufacturer.

The benefits of knowing the conveyor, its components and the important items to look for to help minimize maintenance and stretch the lifetime of the conveyor to the max cannot be captured in numbers.

Our maintenance support options save time and resources, preserve productivity and save you money!

Review our support options listed below and contact our Customer Support Team for more information or for a quote for your selected service.

Option 1: Health assessment

  • One visit by a professionally trained service technician, consisting of a heath assessment of your conveyor, including small adjustments and repairs
  • Detailed, pictured report for recommended maintenance actions to help keep your system in perfect condition
  • Basic training for your personnel on the recommended tasks
  • Spare part recommendation list

Option 2: Single preventive maintenance visit (Should be done once a year)

  • Single preventive maintenance visit by a professionally trained technician, including chain maintenance, adjustments, minor repairs and part replacements
  • Detailed and pictured report for all of the performed tasks
  • Basic maintenance training on critical areas

Option 3: Full preventive maintenance program with extended warranty

  • Two maintenance services per year, including installation of required spare parts on hand if regular wear has occurred
  • Detailed and pictured report for all of the performed tasks
  • Spare part discount of 10% for the duration of the contract
  • Extended warranty if started in the initial warranty period
  • Full maintenance training of your service personnel at the first visit

These maintenance services can also be combined with a more detailed and in-depth conveyor maintenance training course for your maintenance staff, ensuring they get the most thorough education on your system as possible.

Benefit from our experience and intricate knowledge of our own products.
Benefit from the max availability and reliability of your conveyor system that manufacturer service can provide.
Benefit from partnering with LOGOMAT to ensure your conveyor system is running with the best performance.