Installation Support

Let us install it for you

"The best products can't show their excellence if they aren't installed and operated properly."

Installation Support

LOGOMAT doesn’t just offer conveyor components; we offer a full conveyor system solution from planning and installation through to maintenance and customer support.

LOGOMAT products are designed with simplicity and ease of installation and use in mind, allowing most of the install and setup tasks to easily be completed by our customers. However, the amount of resources and time required for the installation and setup are often underestimated when performed internally, resulting in lost productivity and unwanted downtime.

To help avert this we offer three (3) installation support options that can streamline the conveyor installation and setup, and also allow customer maintenance teams to gain valuable knowledge of the conveyor, its critical areas and its operation.

The benefits of knowing the conveyor and the important items to look for to help minimize maintenance and stretch the lifetime of the conveyor to the max cannot be captured in numbers.

Our installation support options save time and resources, preserve productivity and save you money!

Review our support options listed below and contact our Sales Team for more information or for a quote for your selected service.

Option 1: Installation Supervision

  • Guided instruction
  • One LOGOMAT Technician
  • Duration: One day
  • Basic install training on critical areas

Option 2: Installation Support

  • Guided assistance
  • One LOGOMAT Technician
  • Duration: Up to floor anchoring
    - Project specific
  • Install assistance and guidance

Option 3: Full Installation

  • Complete install
  • Full LOGOMAT install team
  • Duration: Full project
  • Complete install and setup
  • Full warranty on install
  • Fastest, most efficient install





These installation services can also be combined with conveyor maintenance training for your maintenance staff, ensuring they get the most thorough education on your system as possible.

Benefit from our experience in the installation of our own products.
Benefit from a no limitation warranty on the installation itself when we do it for you.
Benefit from partnering with LOGOMAT to ensure your conveyor system is ready to work.