LOGO!MAT XL Twin Strand - Series

The new and innovative LOGO!MAT XL Twin Stand Conveyor System is a high capacity, palletized friction roller conveyor with an anodized aluminum frame. All pre-assembled conveyor sections are driven by a geared motor and on tangential chain. A cross drive shaft at the drive station brings the drive over to the other side. The additionally supported short friction rollers can be carry loads of up to 2,200 lbs. (1,000 kg) per pallet.

Standardized Track Rotates combine straight sections to build up a corner, intersection, a junction or a diverter. The entire system offers a high flexibility in re-configuring the layout with low efforts because just straight track sections and Track Rotates build up the line. All station can be located or inserted almost everywhere. The short rollers on both sides don't create any barrier or limit for the placement of a LOGO!MAT Component, like Stop Unit or Lift & Locate Unit. Optional center covers and steel rail protection covers can be added if required.

Since only straight sections get used, a steel plate can directly act as a pallet. That reduces costs for additional driver pallets and makes it possible to use existing tooling plates.

The LOGO!MAT XL Twin Strand is characterized by its high flexibility, simple planning and numerous possible applications. It is also popular and known to be very rigid, for its low maintenance and very good reliability under production environment.

XL Twin Strand 1 XL Twin Strand 2 XL Twin Strand 3

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