LOGO!MAT Walk-On - Series

The LOGO!MAT Walk-On Conveyor System is unique in the industry and allows floor mounted, walkable and low profile friction roller applications. A full walkable track with an overall height of less than 220 mm, combined with the standard components and capabilities of the LOGO!MAT L - Series, opens completely new possibilities for assembly lines.

Utilizing both sides of an assembly line for workstations, getting access to the inside of a conveyor loop and having the capability to walk around the part are just some the advantages of a low profile, walkable conveyor system line the LOGO!MAT Walk-On - Series.

Almost all components and features out of the LOGO!MAT NW400 L - Series can be transferred to this conveyor system as well. That ensures a full availability of parts, components and proven technology.



See our standard components of the Walk-On System, based on the L - Series NW400.

See some application samples - pictures and videos - of the LOGO!MAT Walk-On Conveyor for a quick overview.