LOGO!MAT Buffer Conveyor Unit

The stand-alone LOGO!MAT Buffer Conveyor Unit is a complete plug and play solution including controls with multiple sequence options and is designed for single workplace applications with floor space constraints. The elevator tracks can be used as an operator workstation because of the completely covered conveyor design with no pinch points, which requires no additional guarding. The unit has a complete housing and is covered against outer influences such as dirt and chips in a machining environment. The system is designed for a pallet weight up to 550 lbs. (250 kg) with an elevator stroke of up to 600 mm.

The system is based on the developments of the L - Series Conveyor System and its components, which is a robust, palletized friction roller conveyor with an anodized aluminum frame.

The Buffer Conveyor Unit is popular and known for its quick and easy plug and play buffer solution with a short planning time, as well as the flexibility in length and layout to fit perfectly into given floor plans.

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 LOGO!MAT Buffer Conveyor Unit: Media Gallery
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