11 Year Anniversary

- A Letter of the President

Anniversary11thEleven years ago, LOGOMAT automation systems Inc. was founded and started its operation at our current facility in Hebron, KY. In the beginning, the building was shared with another company to cut costs. Six years later, both of the companies wanted to grow, which gave us the opportunity to purchase the second half of the existing building to expand our business. Just recently, we expanded the facility, which added 11,600 sq. ft. to the production area.

As the President of the company for the past five years, I am proud of the team which made it possible for LOGOMAT to grow as we did, and to become well established in the US market. Such an anniversary is a great chance to look back and to recap the different steps we have completed so far. Meanwhile, we machine and produce more than 90% of the required parts in house, and most of the raw material is purchased locally.

Looking into the future, I see great potential of further growth as we are stepping into new business segments in the conveyor industry with our newest product line, the LOGO!MAT E-CART. We now provide Turnkey Conveyor System solutions to our customers, and we continue to expand our capabilities in the controls sector, such as offering Smart Conveyors with internal flow controls.

LOGOMAT automation systems, Inc. plays a key role in the assembly and test automation business for automotive, appliance and consumer products. We have established our excellent reputation with high quality, great service and competence over the past 11 years. We are committed to our customers and their satisfaction is our highest priority.

December 3rd, 2015: Philipp Krups - President & CEO of LOGOMAT