Best Practice:
Roller Timeout for Energy Savings

Having friction rollers continuously spin is needed for getting work piece carriers safely from station to station, but what should you do when accumulated pallets have an extended decent pause?

Allowing the motor to stay on keeps the chain driving which is not needed in a lot of situations. The friction clutch built into the rollers lets the rollers stop underneath the pallets instead of wearing them down, but friction in general generates heat which is always a sign of wasted energy and increased wear.

Turning off the motor will cut electrical energy use consumption significantly, will decrease wear of the entire drive train, will eliminate a lot of noise in your shop, and will reduce maintenance time and cost. This will increase the availability of the entire conveyor, stretches the life time of the equipment, and will be better for your employees.

Based on LOGOMAT’s long term experience, best practice dictates adding shut-off timing for the drive motors into the controls of the conveyor system. Depending on cycle time, the system can shut off the drive motors in certain areas if no movement of the pallets is recognized for a certain period of time. The next signal to release would initiate the start of the relevant motors only. Optimizing the power safe save feature in your system will make a huge impact on your total cost of ownership.

You can always contact your friendly partners in the LOGOMAT sales engineering team at LOGOMAT to help finding the best approach for making your application more efficient.

The LOGO!MAT eCart conveyor system integrates even more energy saving features. Each Cart just draws drive power when moving.  Power consumption is by far reduced due to the low drag of the wheel system and by the minimal needed drive time.  A single Cart could drive through the entire conveyor track without the need of high power consumption drive motors which would generate wear and heat.

The really low noise level built into the design is a significant advantage for a modern and innovative conveyor system.

LOGO!MAT eCart, your conveyor system you will get most out of.

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